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The original Ad*Ball LED display, is a true state-of-the-art design and craftsmanship. It is a unique display with a circumference of 360.  Viewed from any angle, the AD*Ball is the most versatile promotional tool of the new millennium.

The AD*Ball comes in various models and colors, equipped with an internal flash memory drive to store and display messages. The software, is use-friendly and runs under a windows environment.

The AD*Ball allows visibility of its messages in a radius of 100 feet or more. It is applications are endless. The AD*Ball give you the leading edge in Point Of Purchase display. 




Cafes, Restaurants, Pharmacies, Hotels, Supermarkets, Post Offices, Video Outlets, Boutiques, Banks, Clubs, Newsagents, Electrical Stores, Bakeries, Fruit Shops, Party Hire Business, Lotteries Outlets, Car Yards, Liquor Outlets, Financial Institutions, Petrol Stations, Night Clubs - In Fact ANYWHERE! 


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