Easy installation & movement
Shows various messages by editing or copying or Scanning into Microsoft Windows© Application 
Every language (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, French etc) available if you have a computer operating in Windows© environment 
70% lower cost or more than existing LED advertising equipment 
Stylish, modern design 
Various modes of expression (Rotating, Blinking, Speed up & down) 


Display method:  The image is created by scanning  rotation of 32 LED’s. 
Globe Color:  Light Blue, Dark Blue, Clear, Ash & Red
Base Color:  Bronze  &  Silver 
LED Color:  Amber,  Green,  White,  Blue  & Red
Communication Method:  RS232 Hardwire (serial port) or Modem (via Telephone)
Control  method :  PC (Windows 95/ 98) or Button on the panel  (to select the running modes)
Display Functions:  Rotating (Move), Stop, Blinking (stop or move), Complex Speed up & down 
Graphics Editor:  Editors that operate in a Windows© environment 
Power Consumption:  Max. 40W 
Input Voltage:  110VAC or 220VAC 
Dimension:  Diameter = 30cm, H = 37cm 
Weight:  3.7Kg 
Display Height:  10cm (32dot LED Array) 
Pixel Resolution :  32 Row  X  256  Columns
Visibility:    360 degree 
Number of Lines 1  to 4  Lines
Character per line:  Depend on  fonts used (standard 135 - 140  character per line of 2 cm height)
Displaying Page: 

- 15 pages  CB 100   

- 30 Pages  CB 200 

Warranty:  1 Year 




AD*Ball  Certification

Patent (International,Domestic)
Registration of design
Trademark registration (AD*Ball)
Utility model Application
UL Mark
CE Mark
EMI Mark
ISO 9001/9002

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